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Fun Fold Cards Vol. 4 | Ideas for Year-Round Card Making Fun!

Are you ready for Fun Fold Cards Vol. 4? Let’s kick off this month with another 4 templates that you can add to your collection. If you have been joining us each month, this will give you 16 fun-fold templates!

We designed all the templates to be used with any stamps, paper, and inks you have. Plus, each month I love sharing my versions with a special suite of products! This month I am using the Stampin’ Up! Butterfly Kisses Suite. Oh, how I love the fun bright colors, stamps, and designer papers!

Fun Fold Cards Vol. 4 is a FREE class that you can watch on YouTube to create your templates. You can also purchase the written tutorial with all the cutting and scoring measurements. Keep scrolling for all the details and to watch the video.


And since you all love having Dave be my helper, he is here again with us! To be honest, we are having a blast doing these videos together! Thanks for allowing us to do them and having a few laughs along with you.


Fun Fold Cards Vol. 4 Video Tutorial

Lets make this month’s fun fold cards! Grab some old card stock, and old Designer Series Paper, and let’s make these card templates. Nothing needs to match since these will just be templates.

To create your card templates simply follow along with the video; start, pause, or stop the video as you need to.

Did you miss the first 3 classes? You’ll find the links to those classes further down in this post. Go back and make those templates as well. After this class, you will have 16 different fun fold card ideas & templates!

Do you prefer having the written instructions? All Fun Fold Class Tutorials are available for purchase. The tutorial gives you all the measurements and diagrams to make both the templates and the 4 cards that I made using the Best Butterflies bundle as shown below.


Fun Fold Card Templates Vol. 4 Tutorial

As the video shows, I used my templates with the ‘Best Butterflies’ stamp set, dies, and Butterfly Kisses Designer Series Paper. These fun fold cards turned out cute! I love how you can cut images from the DSP with the dies and/or stamp the images.

The class is all about making the templates so you will always have them handy when you want to make fun fold cards. I hope you use this free class video and create them.

Don’t forget to write all the measurements on your templates.


If you’d rather have the written instructions – I’ve got you covered! These 4 templates are featured in my Fun Fold Card Ideas Class – Volume 4 Tutorial that is available for purchase. Each month, when I release a new class, the tutorial is also available for FREE with a purchase of at least $50 by the 10th of the release month.

With the PDF tutorial, you get cutting/scoring diagrams, measurements, plus the step-by-step instructions for making the Butterfly Kisses completed cards!

We put a ton of work into this tutorial making it easy to follow so you can not only make your templates but create the samples as well. But remember, templates are designed for you to use with any stamps, inks, and papers you have.

Get All 4 Volumes for FREE When You Join the Klompen Stampers!

One of the many benefits of joining the Klompen Stampers is that most of the tutorials in my Tutorial Store are available to you to download for FREE. This includes all 4 volumes of the Fun Folds. So, if you missed the first 3, and now there are 4 – you can get them all FREE when you join us!!!!

Fun Fold Tutorials Available to Purchase

All Fun Fold Tutorials are available in my PDF Tutorial Store for just $16 each. This option is available to anyone – including those of you who live outside of the United States, as well as those of you who are Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators.

Did You Miss the First 3 Template Classes?

This is class #4 in our Fun Fold Template series. We have now shared 16 different easy to make fun fold templates! Below you will find the past classes. You can go back to each and watch the video and make your templates! Or, if you like the written tutorials, all 4 tutorials are available for purchase.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you were inspired and enjoyed the project. If you have any questions about today’s post or project, make sure to leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.


If you would like to place a Stampin’ Up! order, I would be thrilled if you selected me to be your demonstrator.

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33 thoughts on “Fun Fold Cards Vol. 4 | Ideas for Year-Round Card Making Fun!”

  1. Your videos with Dave are such a highlight of my day when they come out. Love the templates, but love you guys more. I’ll have my “bone bender” ready!

  2. TFS your fun folds. Love the video instructions (short and sweet, you and Dave do such a great concise job) and I’ve adapted the folds into my card classes. You are a hit!

  3. Love these fun folds Jackie and Dave!! I can’t wait to make them. It is always so much fun watching the two of you create together. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I look forward to the first Friday of each month to watch you and Dave create these cards. Thanks for sharing these. Now to make my templates for Vol.4!!!! ❤️

  5. Hi Jackie. As always your videos are great! Please note: the video states purchase by the 10th of September, your blog and email state September 15th. Would hate to see anyone confused.

  6. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your template videos! I’m just beginning in card making not only are the templates helpful but seeing your husband make them gave me the confidence to start this journey! Thank you both so much!

  7. As usual, love watching and learning from the two of you. I already started to make my templates from volume 4. Thank you Jackie and Dave for the creative ideas. My shoe box is getting filled with great inspirational card templates.

  8. I wasn’t able to watch yesterday but did a few minutes ago. You two are such fun to watch and listen how to make these templates. I look forward to the first Friday and then make my own. I’ve created cards using templates from volumes 1-3 already and am excited to create with Volume 4. Thanks so much.

    • I’m thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the template classes and most of all that you are MAKING the templates for yourself! Have a stamp happy day!

  9. Dave absolutely cracks me up. Bone bender is what the bone folder will be from now on – and has been since I first heard him say it.

    Having him make the templates is just genius, Jackie. Having a non-pro make the card makes me more confident! I am so glad he is willing to be your sidekick. He’s so relaxed and it helps me be relaxed.

    Thank you for this great series.

  10. Hi there Jackie. I just love making your cards. I made the one with the gnomes and it is just so beautiful. Thanks again. Keep up the good work. Have a Stamp Happy Day

  11. Love you and Dave and these tutorials are a true blessing, thank you so very much.
    Can anyone help me find videos one and two please? Keep looking but am obviously not seeing them.

  12. I love your videos and so far have weeks 3 & 4 made. I also made my first card from one of the templates. I’d love to share a pic but can’t figure out how.

  13. Good job Dave! You are getting the hang of this fitting flat into an envelope. For the last card try applying your glue to the triangle on the card base then put your square over it. Also for the 2nd square apply glue. Then hold it in place with your left hand. Bring the right side base of the card over to the left laying over the squares. This should be easier then trying to hold the square while moving the left over the right side for this one. Remember not to press in place until your sure the piece is positioned properly. You are a great encouragement for newbies to cardmaking. Thanks for all the great ideas. I think a Holiday wreath would look great on the center of the box folded card. Maybe with Holiday & Cheer vertically on the side panels.


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