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Fun Fold Card Template Classes, Book, and Videos

Fun Fold Card Templates Book

Many of you have asked for all of our Fun Fold Templates to be put together into a book….. and we did it! It is available in two different ways. Option one is an e-book that is a PDF Document you can download and save. Option two is a printed book that comes to you printed and bound.

The book contains instructions and measurements to make all 54 Fun Fold Card Templates that we have shared over the past 1 1/2 years.

Use the book to create all the templates, or use it as a handy resource as you are making cards! You will never have to search for another fun fold card design – they are all together and easy to follow!

Learn How to Make 54 Different Fun Fold Cards

Are you tired of the same old rectangular cards and looking to add a touch of creativity to your card-making repertoire? Fun fold cards are the answer!

These delightful creations add an element of surprise and intrigue to your handmade cards. Fun fold card templates are a “must-have” tool that you can use with any stamps, ink, and paper to craft unique and memorable cards.

Follow along with the free YouTube videos to make your own fun fold templates, or if you prefer written instructions with cutting and scoring diagrams, you can purchase either the individual class tutorials or the FUN FOLD TEMPLATES BOOK which contains all 54 templates that we shared but together into one book.

Individual class tutorials also include step-by-step instructions for making the completed fun fold cards using the featured stamp set for each.

What are Fun Fold Card Templates?

Think of it as a “pattern” to use to create a card with any stamps, ink, and paper.

A template is made using any card stock and paper to show how to cut, score, fold, and layer the card. There’s no need for the papers to match, the templates are just a pattern.

When making your templates, make sure to write all the measurements on them to make it easy to use to create a card with.

When you want to create a special card, flip through all your templates and pull out the one you want to use. Follow the measurements and make a card with any of your card making products!

Fun Fold Template Classes

We have 16 Fun Fold Template classes that you can follow along with the video to make your templates. The blog posts below each contain the class video. When watching the video, you can start and stop as needed to create the templates right along with us. If you prefer written instructions, make sure to check out our FUN FOLD TEMPLATE BOOK above.

Each class also features a different stamp set showing you how you can use the templates to make completed cards. If you’d like the tutorial for the completed cards in each class, make sure to purchase the class tutorial. These tutorials contain the measurements to make the templates, as well as step-by-step instructions for the completed cards.

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