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Join Stampin’ Up! & Enjoy So Many Benefits

Whether “stamping” is your hobby, or you are looking to share with others and create a business–there is a place for you at the Klompen Stampers. When you join Stampin’ Up! you belong to a fun community of stampers who love to create, share, and help each other. Not to mention, the 20-25% discount you receive on all of your purchases! It’s not just about stamps, ink, and paper…..

We welcome HOBBY STAMPERS and BUSINESS BUILDERS to join Stampin’ Up! with us! You will love our community of Klompen Stampers and the training we provide to those who desire to have a business.

Are you a HOBBY STAMPER – This Is For You!
Want to BUILD A BUSINESS – We Can Help!

Create Your Own Starter Kit

Klompen Stampers Benefits

  • FREE or Discounted Creativate Retreats
  • FREE Fun Fold and Card Template Tutorials
  • Super fun online community of paper crafters
  • Monthly Online Stamping Events
  • Stamping Challenges, Card Swaps
  • Comprehensive Training For Those Joining to Build a Business

Stampin’ Up! Benefits

  • 20-25% Discount On Purchases
  • Early Access to New Products & Catalogs
  • Opportunities to Earn FREE Products
  • Demonstrator Only Facebook Group & Website
  • Virtual Stamping Events
  • Opportunity to Build Your Own Stamping Busines

Reasons to Join Stampin’ Up?

Enjoy Your Hobby

Hobby crafters are always welcome to join and enjoy the discount on all your purchases as well as take advantage of the many benefits of being a part of the Klompen Stampers & Stampin’ Up!

Build Your Own Business

When you join Stampin’ Up! you have the opportunity to build a business through classes, workshops, sharing online, craft fairs, selling your cards, etc… It is completely up to you if you want to do any of this!


Crafting is more fun when you are surrounded by a fun community of like-minded friends! We are one big family and love to inspire each other by sharing, gathering (virtually & in person)

Card Making Ideas

Whether you are a brand new card maker, or you have been crafting for years, one of the many benefits is all the ideas you receive as a demonstrator! Access to demonstrator-only tutorials, resources, and stamping events!

Support & Training

One of my passions is training and helping demonstrators be successful, no matter your business goals. You will find tons of resources, support, and training as a member of the Klompen Stampers.

The Starter Kit Shopping Spree

When you purchase the Demonstrator Starter kit for just $99, you select $125 worth of products YOU want. Anyone can purchase this kit and enjoy the great discount and then access the many benefits.

Who Can Join?

ANYONE! We love HOBBY STAMPERS, as well as BUSINESS BUILDERS and there is a place for everyone on the Klompen Stampers Team! No matter your reason for joining, we are here to help you, guide you, and inspire you. There is never any pressure or commitment – you decide what you want to do!

Be Part of Our Fun Online Community

The Klompen Stampers team of demonstrators is located all across the United States. It doesn’t matter where you are located as we have a very active online community. There are several different opportunities each month to gather with other stampers to share, stamp together, network, and learn from. There is something for everyone on our team! We’d love to have you join us.

computer screen showing 25 different Klompen Stampers Demonstrator Team members on a zoom sharing card making ideas with each other
zoom computer screen showing members of the Klompen Stampers demonstrator team sharing card making ideas with each other

Join the #1 Ranked Demonstrator Team in the Company!

The Klompen Stampers is consistently ranked as the top team in Stampin’ Up! We pride ourselves in providing fun stamping opportunities, a fantastic community, as well as business training for those who desire it.

It’s all about helping and supporting all team members, no matter their reasons for joining us!

We love hobby stampers and business builders and provide many opportunities and resources for both!

Enjoy These Benefits When You Join the Klompen Stampers

  • DISCOUNT – enjoy a 20-25% discount on all your purchases
  • CREATIVE RESOURCES – one of the BIG benefits of joining as a demonstrator…. you will have so many stamping ideas you won’t know where to start
    • Receive most tutorials from my website for FREE
    • Team Facebook group filled with tons of card-making inspiration
    • Monthly stamping challenges you can participate in that help you learn new stamping ideas
    • Team events with make-n-takes (virtual & in person), online demonstrations, and more…
  • BUSINESS BUILDING RESOURCES – as a demonstrator you have the option to build a fun & rewarding business. Share with others via classes, events, online, or any way you want.
    • We have a fabulous “Demonstrator Only” training website filled with videos & other resources
    • You will also find plenty of training and resources through Stampin’ Up!
    • I have 28 years of “business building” experience to be able to help you in any way need. I am always here to answer questions, brainstorm with you, or guide you in the direction you want to go.
    • Monthly team zooms
    • Specialty business builder training
  • CREATIVATE RETREAT – the opportunity to earn a FREE or DISCOUNTED registration to the quarterly Creativate Retreats. Learn more about these retreats HERE

What’s the catch?

None…..there truly is no catch! Anyone can join Stampin’ Up! for any reason…… There is never any pressure or sales requirements… Everyone is welcome and as long as you meet the minimum sales requirement each quarter, you can stay another quarter. If at any time you don’t meet the $300 minimum, that’s OK. We just sadly say goodbye to you as a demonstrator and you go back to being a regular customer. (and you can even come back as a demonstrator anytime!). When you join, you will be an active demonstrator for at least 4 months before the first $300 minimum must be submitted – so lots of time to enjoy the benefits and “check us out.”

Is this really for me?

  • If you are a hobby stamper looking for a fun community and a discount on your purchases – JOIN US!
  • If you are a hobby stamper looking for new ideas, and to expand your creativity – JOIN US!
  • If you love stamping and want to share your love of card-making with others – JOIN US!
  • If you are a brand new stamper and want to learn and develop your skills – JOIN US!
  • If you are looking for business training to learn how to turn your hobby into a business – JOIN US!
  • If you’ve been a demonstrator in the past, and want to come back – JOIN US!
  • and to everyone else who has read this far – JOIN US!

Want to learn more?

There are so many great reasons why YOU should join Stampin’ Up! and the Klompen Stampers! Whether you are a HOBBY STAMPER, or interested in sharing your love of stamping and card-making with others, there is a place for YOU! Here are a few articles I have written about being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and a part of the Klompen Stampers Team. We’d love to have you join us.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about if this is the right choice for you, email me at: jackie@klompenstampers.com. We would be honored to have you become a part of the Klompen Stampers Demonstrator Team. Whether you are interested in simply SAVING MONEY or and enjoying the benefits as a hobby stamper, or you’d like to explore the opportunities available by sharing your love of stamping with others, we are here to help! Let’s chat!

Klompen Stampers Demonstrator Team gathering for a day in Indy at the Stampin' Up! OnStage Convention Join Stampin' Up! and you can be a part of the number one team in the company
Just a few of our fun-loving Klompen Stampers Demonstrators at a Stampin’ Up! Convention in November 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

What are the minimum sales requirements?

To remain an active Stampin’ Up! demonstrator you will need to meet a $300 minimum quarterly sales requirement. This can be your own personal orders, or orders from friends & customers–they all count. When you submit your own orders, you also enjoy the discount, but the retail amount counts towards the minimum sales requirement.

When you first join, depending on the month, you may have up to 6 months to meet the $300 minimum for the first time, then it’s every quarter after that.

If at any point you don’t make it, they simply de-activate you and you no longer have access to the discounts and benefits.  Basically you just go back to being a regular customer.  And, you are always welcome to join again.

What requirements are there to be a Demonstrator?

The only requirement to remain an active demonstrator is to make your quarterly minimum for $300.  This can be your own personal orders, or orders from friends & customers–they all count. You can submit orders in any increment and still receive your 20% discount/commission (or 25% once you become a Bronze Elite demonstrator). Also, if your order is $150+ you will also receive Stampin’ Rewards from Stampin’ Up!

If at any point you don’t make it, they simply de-activate you and you no longer have access to the discounts and benefits.  Basically you just go back to being a regular customer.  And, you are always welcome to join again.

What if I want to do this as a hobby and not necessarily a business?

Stampin’ Up! (& Klompen Stampers) supports all demonstrators, no matter their goals or the level at which they choose to run their business.  If you choose to not hold events/workshops, you can simply place your own orders and/or collect orders from family and friends to meet the quarterly sales minimum. HOBBY STAMPERS are always welcome as a part of the Klompen Stampers.

Do I have to recruit other demonstrators?

Only if you want to! But it’s always so fun and rewarding to bring your friends along on your journey! If you have stamping friends, share the fun and benefits so that they can enjoy them too! If you are joining to build a business, building a team is not only fun, but rewarding! But, you are never required or “pushed” to recruit others – this is entirely up to you!

Can I be my own host?

Yes, absolutely.  Invite your family and friends to stamp with you and place orders and you can receive the Stampin’ Rewards, as well as be the demonstrator and earn a commission on the sales. AND – you earn Stampin’ Rewards (host benefits) on any personal order over $150 retail.

Do I have to do classes, parties, workshops or events?

No!  As an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator you can decide what you want to do and how you run your business. You can simply purchase for yourself at a great discount or share with others via classes or events.

Do I have to sell Stampin’ Up! products to others?

NO, you can just join as a HOBBY STAMPER and just purchase for yourself. There is never any requirement to sell to others. However, don’t forget, you might just have friends who want to purchase from you which will help you meet the quarterly minimums.

Can I join Klompen Stampers as a “Hobby Stamper?”

Absolutely!!!  We love hobby stampers and there are many on the Klompen Stampers team.  It’s a great way to connect with other stampers, be able to purchase products early, AND get a great discount on all your purchases. HOBBY STAMPERS are always welcome.

How much does it cost to get started as a demonstrator?

The Starter Kit is only $99 and is full customizable.  You pick out $125 worth of any current Stampin’ Up! products, and pay just the $99.  AND, you get FREE shipping on the Starter Kit and a FREE Paper Pumpkin kit!  You also receive a business supply pack containing catalogs and other materials you need to run your demonstratorship as a business if you desire.

Do I have to “demonstrate” to be a demonstrator?

The term “demonstrator” can be a bit confusing.  NO, you don’t have to “demonstrate” anything.  It’s just the term Stampin’ Up! uses to identify people who have “joined” the company as independent representatives.  Other direct sales companies use terms like consultant, ambassador, stylist, coach, etc…. Everyone who JOINS Stampin’ Up! is called a DEMONSTRATOR.

Do I have to have a blog, website, Facebook, etc?

No, you don’t have to do any type of social media if you don’t want to.  It’s entirely up to you if you want to share your love of card making via these methods. We do have a private Klompen Stampers team Facebook Group that is highly recommended if you want to connect with the team, participate in challenges, make new friends, and enjoy some of the many benefits of joining the Klompen Stampers.

How much of a discount do Stampin Up Demonstrators get?

All Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators receive a 20% discount on all Stampin’ Up! products. This 20% discount is applicable on full-priced products as well as clearance items and sale prices. Stampin Up demonstrators can also promote to a Bronze Elite Demonstrator and receive a 25% discount on all their purchases.

What are the rules for joining Stampin Up?

As a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, you have to sell (or purchase) a minimum of $300 in products each quarter to remain active. If you do not meet this minimum, you will be given an additional month to make up any difference. If after that time, you have not met the $300 quarterly minimum, you will simply be deactivated and will no longer have access to the Stampin Up Demonstrator benefits and discount.

What are the benefits of joining Stampin Up?

As a Stampin Up Demonstrator, you will enjoy a 20-25% discount on all Stampin’ Up! products, early access to new catalogs and products, the opportunity to earn free products, access to demonstrator-only stamping events (live and virtual), the opportunity to earn income from home, access to a community of creative people, the chance to learn new skills, plus so much more.

What if I don’t want to sell Stampin Up products?

That’s perfectly fine! You can join Stampin’ Up! just to enjoy the products and the discount. There is no pressure to sell products.

What does it cost to join Stampin’ Up!?

The cost to join Stampin’ Up! is $99. This includes a Starter Kit that is valued at $125. The Starter Kit is completely customizable and you select whatever current Stampin’ Up! current products you want.

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