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Let’s Learn to Make Cards!

Card Making For Beginners – How to Get Started

Whether you are a brand new card maker, or wanting to learn how to improve on your skills, this card making for beginners page is for YOU! Card making is a journey, and we all start at the beginning. But the best part is, even at the beginning, you can make beautiful cards to share with family and friends. There is no greater joy than receiving a handmade card with a special hand written note inside in your mailbox – let’s fill mailboxes!

Once you make your first card, you will be hooked! My hope is that you will enjoy card making as much as I do, and pass on lots of blessings to others by sending them handmade cards.

On this page, you will find information to help you get started, help in selecting the right products to use and where to find ideas and inspiration to make quick and easy cards.

Remember, it’s a journey and we can always learn something new, try something different, and continue to bless others with our creations!

New Card Making Tutorials & Ideas Every Week

Each week I share 2-3 new card making tutorials via email. These tutorials are unique projects shared only in the weekly newsletter. These tutorials will help you learn new ideas, card designs and ways to use the products you already have.

Tutorials include all the cutting measurements, list of supplies used and step-by-step easy to follow instructions.

This page is filled with helpful information for both brand new card makers, as well as those of you who love to make quick and easy card designs. We keep it simple and doable for everyone. Card making should be fun, stress-free and not overwhelming! We are here to help you!

Three Suggestions for Getting Started

If you are brand new to the fun hobby of card making, I know it can be overwhelming at first. I am here to help! Let’s talk card making for beginners and make sure you get started on your new hobby the right way.

I can help you figure out where to start, decide what products you need, and how to create your first card. Let’s take the overwhelm away and learn to make beautiful cards.

I remember being in your shoes a long time ago, and I totally started out by buying way too much “stuff” and having no clue what to do. I just saw “pretty things” and bought them, without any plan, purpose or knowledge as to what to do. I don’t want that to happen to you! I am here to help you get started without all the overwhelm and without spending a ton of money on unnecessary things.

Start small and enjoy your new hobby as you learn to create beautiful cards to bless your friends and family with. Follow my card making for beginners suggestions and you will quickly enjoy your new hobby.

card making kits are perfect for beginner stampers

Option 1 – Card Kits

If you want to start small, and give card making a try with a small investment, CARD KITS are perfect!

You get everything you need in one small box. Stamps, ink, adhesive, and all the pre-cut and designed pieces to make beautiful cards.

It’s a great way to get your fingers “inky” and enjoy a little “crafty” time. Click below to learn more about getting started with card kits and how to pick the one that is right for you.

Option 2 – Paper Pumpkin

Receive a fun surprise paper crafting box in the mail each month with a Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box. Just like card kits, these boxes contain everything need – stamps, ink, paper and adhesive.

All the design work is done for you. Just open the box and make some handmade cards by following the instructions.

These kits are perfect for beginners, or those just wanting the fun of a monthly crafting surprise delivered to their door.

learn card making using stamps, paper and ink

Option 3 – Start With a SIP

Stamps, ink and paper are the basics that you need to make cards. When you start small, with just the basics, it is not as overwhelming and you can learn to make beautiful cards in no time.

The SIP METHOD of stamping is my favorite way to not only teach newbies, but also to help anyone make quick an easy cards.

Follow my card making for beginners suggestions and start with a SIP to eliminate the overwhelm. You will soon be making beautiful cards to send to your friends and family!

Card Making Basics – Learn More

These articles will give you more information about the basics of card making, what you need, and how to select the best products to get started with.

Step-by-Step Card Making Tutorials

Once you have some stamps, ink and paper, it’s time to to start making cards. I have many VIDEO TUTORIALS and BLOG POSTS that you can follow along with as well as a huge PDF TUTORIAL STORE These tutorials have the complete list of products used, cutting measurements, plus step-by-step easy to follow instructions.

Whether you are looking for specific stamp set ideas, fun folds, layouts or techniques, I have a lot of STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIALS available. Each tutorial lists all the supplies used, cutting & scoring measurements, and then step-by-step instructions for making the cards. They are written to help you be able to create the projects easily and without being overwhelmed in designing cards.

Quick & Easy SIP Card Making Ideas

Below you will find several of the projects I have shared that focus on the SIP Method of card making…. each post has a video, as well as a supply list and all the cutting measurements. These posts are great starting points. Not sure what stamps to start with, check out these posts. If you see some cards you like, use my suggestions for your first products to get started with so you can easily make your first cards.

In the card making world, you will often hear the word “CASE.” CASE stands for COPY AND SHARE EVERYTHING. What does that mean? I love to have you CASE my cards. Copy my ideas and then SHARE THEM by sending them. The best way to learn card making is to copy card ideas that you like. I work hard to share cards that are easily duplicatable, and am flattered when you copy my designs.

Looking For More Card Making Ideas?

We love to share tons of card making ideas, especially fun folds and quick and easy cards. We try to keep it all simple and doable for both beginner card makers and those just looking for fun and simple ideas.

learn how to make fun fold cards that are easy to make for beginner stampers

I love to teach how to make quick and easy fun fold cards! Check out all my FREE Fun Fold card making classes!

card making blog teaching how to make quick and easy cards

Learn new ideas, techniques, layouts and more….. There are projects for all levels of card makers.

learn to make handmade greeting cards by following these videos

Check out my library of card making videos teaching you how to make quick and easy cards.

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