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A Play on Words: The History of Klompen Stampers

Have you ever wondered why my Website/Blog is called Klompen Stampers?  Or I use “Klompen Stampers” on everything I do???

Today’s post is not my usual type of post and I don’t have any stamping ideas for you today….but I just thought it would be fun to explain the name Klompen Stampers for those of you who wonder, and share a few fun pictures with you.

photo of 3 children dress in authentic Dutch costumes with the words written on the photo Why Klompen Stampers

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Zeeland, Michigan (US), which is right next to Holland, Michigan. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but moved here once married with our first child. My husband, Dave, was born and raised in Holland, MI.

As the name implies, Holland is a very “Dutch” community. I really don’t know all the history, other than it was originally settled by immigrants from the Netherlands. This area has maintained it’s “Dutch heritage” and everything centers around tulips, windmills, and many small towns are named after different providences in the Netherlands.

Every year in May, Holland hosts the annual TULIP TIME FESTIVAL. It’s a big deal around here with millions visiting from all over the country (and even the world.) There are parades, dancers, and tulips…. lots and lots of tulips! Many locals, especially children, dress in authentic Dutch costumes to enjoy the whole week of festivities. Honestly, it’s quite crazy but when the kids were young I loved it.

photo of klompen dancers during the tulip time dutch dancing.  The name Klompen Stampers came from the dutch name Klompen Dancers

Fast forward to Tulip Time 2023, my Son Jared (2nd from left) brought his wife Kristal to come experience all the fun of Tulip Time.

So Why the Name Klompen Stampers?

When I began my Stampin’ Up! business, back in 1995, my children were quite young. The photo at the top had to be from the first few years of my being a demonstrator and is one of my favorite pictures.

As a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, we can name our team and our business.  When I was ready to do that, I asked my demonstrator team members for suggestions.  One of them came up with KLOMPEN STAMPERS.

You see, during Tulip Time, there are KLOMPEN DANCERS!  So it was just a play on the words, and since at the time my whole team was from Holland, Michigan it seemed appropriate.  During the festival you will find Klompen Dancers performing every day through the streets of Holland.

and that my friends…. is where the name KLOMPEN STAMPERS came from!

It is also where my love of tulips and wooden shoes comes from.

Jackie standing with 2 dutch dancers during the Tulip Time Festival

Klompen Stampers Visit Tulip Time

This was the first year since the kids were young that I experienced many of the Tulip Time festivities and it was so fun. I think the highlight was visiting VELDEER TULIP GARDENS. They plant 6 million tulip bulbs and there are 850 different kinds of tulips!!!

Here are just a few of the pictures of the tulips in the gardens… I was truly in awe of the beauty and think I love tulips even more now!!!! I took a million pictures and could have spent the whole day there. If you ever get a chance to visit Holland, Michigan during Tulip Time, you will not be disappointed!

Klompen Stampers Fun at Tulip Time

I enjoyed all the festivities and will absolutely visit the tulip gardens every year from now on. So every year you may see my social media blow up with tulip pictures! Plan a trip and come enjoy Tulip Time sometime!

Klompen Stampers Shirts + Other Gorgeous Tulip “Stuff”

Many of you have asked about my new Klompen Stampers shirt I have been wearing recently. My dear friend Alla Dickson is a local artist who paints amazing tulip pictures. I actually have several of her paintings in my Klompen Stampers office!

This year she create an entire collection of gorgeous products from her paintings and I asked her to create a unique Klompen Stampers shirt for me. You can see all her products in her Etsy Shop. (I am not an affiliate and I do not get any proceeds off any sales, but if you purchase anything, make sure to tell her Jackie sent you!)

Tulip Time in Holland

Here is a news clip I found from a few years back when the NBC Nightly News did a story about the Tulip Time Festival.


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82 thoughts on “A Play on Words: The History of Klompen Stampers”

  1. Hi Jacky, watching the dancers, I hear the klompen. Thank you for sharing. Are you yourself from Holland?
    With love from Lemmer, the Netherlands.?

  2. Hi Jackie! I took my mom to Holland, MI several years ago and stayed in a very nice B&B for a couple of days. One of my grandparents was born in Holland (old country) and mom always wanted to go there. The best I could do was bring her to Holland, MI to see the beautiful tulips there. I always enjoy listening to your videos and the ability to look back at any I may have missed. Great job!!

  3. Greetings from a former Michigander… I knew as soon as I saw that you were from the Holland, MI area what the “Klompen” meant. Haven’t been to the Tulip Festival in years now that I live on the other side of the big lake :). It is on my bucket list for next year for sure. Oh and Thank you for all the great content you post. Look forward to your paper share too.

    • Paper Share details are coming up next week. Be on the look out. Spots are limited and you’ll want to order right away. The tulip festival is so fun and beautiful–I hope you make it back there!!

  4. Hi Jackie – Thank you for your story and pictures. I am originally from Michigan myself, and never once did I get to see the tulip festival when I lived there. My husband went several times when he was a kid and remembers all the vivid colors. It was great to hear all about it.

  5. Strangely enough, I thought the name came from Klompen Dancers even though I’ve never been to Holland, MI or the country of Holland. I just pictured wooden shoes from the name.

    • How interesting Cheryl! I’m so glad you like my video style. Stay tuned…I’ve got lots more of exciting things for y’all with the new catalog just around the corner!!

  6. my husband is dutch (grandfather came from holland) so i have always felt *connected* to the name of your website. and of course i knew your last name was dutch. aaaaaaaand your videos are favorites of mine to watch (your style and your easy explanations of how things work!!). and loooooooved seeing the pics of the stompen dancers. never thought to google stompen, probably would have found the info right away.
    thanks, jackie!!!

    • Thanks Jo ann! So glad to have you participating in this wonderful online community and thanks so much for being a loyal viewer!

  7. I have a distributor but she doesn’t have a store or offer specials. Is it possible to get in on your paper sharing?

    • If you are here in the U.S. you will have the opportunity to purchase it, yes. Stay tuned next Wednesday for all the details.

  8. I lived many years in Des Moines, Iowa and enjoyed going several years to the Tulip Festival weekend in Pella which was 30+ miles away. Mom & I had so much fun watching the Klompen Dancers, the street washing, visiting beautiful tulip gardens, eating Dutch letters & seeing the beautiful handmade lace items. Mother passed & these are now sweet memories. So glad you shared!!

  9. Hello Jackie,
    It was nice to read where your Klompenstampers name came from.
    How wonderfull to see that the Tulips are all around your area, here they are in full bloom too.
    Almost across the street I live in there is a family called Bolhuis, does your husband family come from Friesland?
    Liked all your photos of the festival and tulips.
    Greetings from the Netherlands

    • I’m not sure where Dave’s family came from. My knowledge is they came to the US from northern Netherlands… so there could be a chance there could be a relation to your neighbors! It’s fun hearing of another Bolhuis family.

  10. I lived in Tasmania which is an island and part of Australia, I lived in a town called Wynyard also known as Tulip Town, we had a tulip festival every year and I sold my cards and knitted toys. My table cover was patterned with tulips and I wore a top which was decorated with tulips. At a place called Table Cape, there was a tulip farm that was so colourful when the tulips were in full bloom, Our council would plant bulbs in patterns and when it was time to dig them up, if you were lucky enough, they would give you a plastic bag and fill them with bulbs. I love watching your videos especially when you have your “sidekick” with you. Ruth down under.

  11. i have always loved the name of your blog because my husband is of dutch heritage (grandparents from holland) and a VERY close friend of mine is from holland – in fact she remembers the very day the germans attacked hollands and has some very very interesting and difficult memories of escaping from the german army and then finally emigrating to the US. so you can see why i was most attracted to your blog name (not to mention i love your style of creating cards: simple, straight forward, easy to CASE). thanks for posting your blog beginnings!!!

  12. Enjoyed the explanation of Klompen stampers. Although I already knew. I live in Oak Harbor, Washington for 50 years. OH is an island in the San Juan Islands in the Puget Sound. We have a Holland Happening Festival every year with Klompen Stampers. Some of our early residents came from Holland Michigan. The tradition grew. Our festival is the last week in April. In near by Skagit County are grown beautiful tulip fields. People come from all over to visit at this time of year because of the tulips. Love your site.

  13. Hi Jackie:After seeing this video and blog, I would love to make a trip to Holland, Michigan. What part of May is the big celebration? Thank you for sharing!

  14. As a born and raised “Yooper” I too knew what a Klompenstamper was. There are several Dutch people living here in Upper Michigan as well. I myself have never been to the tulip festival but have seen beautiful pictures of it. Perhaps one day. When I see these pictures It reminds me of the stamp set that Stampin Up had a few years ago!

  15. Hi Jackie,
    Greetings from central Maine. I’m sooo glad you shared your story on how your company name was derived! Thanks for sharing that info. I’ve never been to Michigan, but the tulip festival sounds like a reason to go there! I am planning to visit Michigan this August for the first time! My husband and I are taking a road trip to visit another “top notch” SU demonstrator!

    I’m a demonstrator for SU too, but only since Feb. 2021 – during COVID! I have been a stamper since Stampin Up! started their business! I LOVE Stampin Up! products — and I love teaching others how to stamp beautiful cards.

    I sooo enjoy watching your videos and especially learning about tips and tricks of the trade. Thank you soooo very much for always inspiring me!

    Patsy Husson
    Stamping with Patsy

  16. My husband’s brother and his wife were married in Holland MI and we travelled there to be part of it. We visited about April 15 and there were tulips everywhere! Loved it.

  17. Bolhuis translated is “bulb house”. I know I have family in the Grand Rapids area. My maiden name is Vanderhaar. Bet you can find them in the phone book. My dad’s nephew had 8 kids there!

    • The “Vander” at the beginning of names is so popular here! My family always laughs because the “huis” is also so common around here everyone can pronounce it, and then when we leave our little Dutch community nobody knows how to say it!

  18. Love your explanation. My daughter lives i. Ada, MI so we were able to get to Holland a few years ago. All the varieties of tulips are beautiful. I live in Random Lake, Wisconsin and we have several Dutch communities a few miles away in Cedar Grove and Oostburg. They have Holland Fest every year which features the Klompenstompers washing the streets.

  19. Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for your story, I’ve often wondered where the name came from.
    I live in New Zealand at the top of the South island and in season many of our city’s gardens are planted with tulips which gives us a beautiful display of colour.
    I have red tulips in my garden that I love.
    I have enjoyed you postings for many years now and love watching you and Dave working away together. Thanks for the many hours of pleasure and fun you give us through your sharing.

  20. Thank you for sharing these great pictures of beautiful tulips! I wish I could visit and see them in person. Thanks for all you share on your terrific blog!

  21. Hi Jackie –
    Thanks for the history lesson! I was in Holland, MI many years ago on a trip with my favorite aunt. My mother was born in Paw Paw, MI and we went to see where it was. I am on a cross country road trip now (in Eastern PA, now, but will be returning to California later this month) and we might get up to MI on our westward journey.

    I LOVE the CREATIVATE retreats 🙂

  22. Thanks for sharing the story. I have visited but sadly not at Tulip Time. Enjoyed the visit and maybe one day will make it back. Your shirts are beautiful by the way.

  23. Loved your story on your business Klompen Stampers. Have gotten mail from you for years and now am happy to see your hubby is stamping tooooooo—LOL—the tulips are beautiful, had some beautiful pics from brother who when in service traveled everywhere and was in Holland–not in the states and sent pics so so pretty. thanks for sharing your story

  24. I have wonderful memories of visiting Holland with my grandmother when we visited her in St Joseph, MI. I have never been there during peak, hopefully someday.

  25. Love the story, we originally are from Godego Treviso Veneto, we, my husband and my daughters, are very patriotic and we have been back home and almost never want to come back, we live in Melbourne Australia, so I know the connection you feel with beautiful Holland.
    Keep stamping, we love it
    Deni Favrin

  26. Loved your story Jackie, Also the pictures are great. I so enjoy being on your team even though I am
    a hobby stamper. You are a great leader. I do read all that you share and love stamping. Thank you
    for all that you do for your team.

  27. That was so much fun….learning about your name. I was there with my Aunt and Uncle on a bus trip when I was barely a teenage. I remember the tulips and Kelloggs plant. So glad your kids got to grow up there.

  28. Jackie,
    I’ve actually been to Holland Michigan, but it was a quick trip to pick up a truck we bought after ours was totaled due to flood damage after Hurricane Harvey. Now we have another reason to visit Holland, I want to see the tulips! Love your blog & all the inspiration I get from it. Hope to met you one day in Holland.

  29. Jackie – Thank you so much for your lovely story in today’s blog! I’ve put Holland, MI on my list to visit. I’ve been to Skagit valley to see their tulip fields in 2012 when my youngest son was attending Central Washington University in Ellensburg. We so enjoyed seeing all the rows of tulips. I had a few work trips to Amsterdam in the early 2000’s but always missed the tulip fields blooming. I can’t wait to visit Michigan soon! Thank you again!

    • Thanks for reading my story! I always feel so blessed having such beautiful tulip fields in my “backyard” when I hear about others traveling to see them. Which they are definitely worth the trip to see!!


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