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The Kits Collection – Creativity Made Easy

If you are new to card making, Stampin’ Up!’s kits are a great way to get started. Each kit contains everything you need to start crafting the moment you open the box. Everything is precut and ready to go, all at a very affordable price. Kits also include colorful easy to follow directions.

The collection of kits is always changing. To see what kits are currently available, CLICK HERE

Create Your Own Getting Started Bundle

Getting started making cards can be a bit overwhelming at first. As you look through the catalog I am sure you are saying, “there is so much STUFF! Where do I even start?”

The answer is simple – start with a SIP: STAMPS, INK & PAPER! With the right products you will be able to begin creating without being overwhelmed. Let’s take a look at these basics, along with a few other essentials you will need to get started.


The first thing you will want to do is select 1-2 stamp sets that you like. Look for something that is versatile and that will give you several options for making different cards. These are a few of my favorites for getting started.

Art Gallery, #158201, $22
Sweet as a Peach, #155050, $18
Artistically Inked, #154542, $24


Next, you need ink. Depending on the stamps that you select, you will want 3-5 different colors for a nice variety PLUS Black. The 3 stamp sets recommended above are all “solid image” stamps. This means you will want colored ink to stamp them in.

Suggested Colors For Art Gallery Stamp Set + Black
Suggested Colors for Sweet as a Peach Stamp Set + Black
Suggested Colors for Artistically Inked Stamp Set + Black
Another option is a set of INK SPOTS. A nice variety of colors in small 1″ pads.
Or start with a 10 pad Color Collection. The “Brights Collection” is great for getting started.
And everyone needs a Black pad when starting.


One of my favorite recommendations for starting out is a package of Note Cards & Envelopes.

These cards are 3 1/2″ x 5″ and perfect for getting started. You get 20 in a package and they include the envelopes.

I find these are perfect for getting started!

Or….start with the paper basics:

Basic Tools & Supplies

Besides Stamps, Ink and Paper, you need a few basic tools and supplies to get started.

Make sure you at least have the recommended size blocks for the stamp set you select. Best value is to purchase the block bundle–then you will always have everything you need!

Simply Shammy makes cleaning your stamps easy.

A good paper cutter and scissors are a must, as well as adhesive. My favorite “go to” adhesives are the Multipurpose Glue & Dimensionals.

Create Your Own Getting Started Bundle

If you click on the button below, it will show you everything I have recommended above in the Stampin’ Up! Online Store.

You can “un-click” what you don’t want, and then easily add the other items to your cart.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed

The biggest mistake that many people make is becoming overwhelmed with TOO MUCH STUFF. Start with a SIP, get the essentials and start making cards. We all start someplace.

Once you have gotten the basics and began to stamp you will soon fall in love with your new hobby and be ready to expand your stamp collection and supplies.

At the very beginning of this page, we started with STAMPS. If none of those stamp sets interest you–that’s OK. They are just a few of my favorites. Browse through the catalog and pick a stamp set that YOU LIKE.

After you have picked out a stamp set, if you’d like help picking INK and PAPER, send me an email and I would be happy to make a few suggestions for you. But remember–everything is built around picking out your stamp set first!

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