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Is Card Making Your Hobby?

Do you love card making as much as I do? Does it give you joy to make a handmade card, write a special note in it, and send it off to surprise someone when they go to the mailbox? So often we underestimate the power that a handmade card has when someone opens up that envelope.

Over the years, I have found that the card making process is just as much of a blessing to the creator as it is to the recipient. As a card maker, we love to just sit and create. There is so much joy in the process.

learn how to make cards as a stampin up demonstrator where you get so many card making tutorials and card making resources

If card making is your hobby, have you ever considered joining the Klompen Stampers as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator? You can enjoy a discount on all your purchases, join a community of card makers, make new crafty friends, and have access to many different learning opportunities.

Who are the Klompen Stampers?

The Klompen Stampers team started in 1995 when I signed up to be a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. And guess what? I joined as a hobby stamper! I loved card making so much that I purchased the starter kit for a great deal on all the products I wanted!

Back then, my daughters were just 2 and 4 years old. They truly grew up in the business and call themselves “Stampin’ Up! kids.” Today, as adults, Jami and Jesi work with me to provide the best possible service and training that we can to both our demonstrator team and our customers. It is such a joy to have them by my side, each and every day (even though we live long distance.) Every day we chat stamping in some form or another.

if you love card making, join stampin up and the klompen stampers and jackie, jami and jesi are here to help you and serve you

I love card making, but I don’t want to be a Demonstrator!

Being a demonstrator can bring so much joy to your card making hobby, yet it is often misunderstood what being a “demonstrator” really means. So I thought I would take a few minutes to share more about being a demonstrator, especially from the “hobby card maker” perspective.

The Klompen Stampers Demonstrator team consists of many hobby stampers, as well as many others who love to share their love of stamping with others through classes, social media, virtual events, and more….. But let’s chat about the hobby stampers!

Klompen Stampers Demonstrator Team gathering for a day in Indy at the Stampin' Up! OnStage Convention

What does the term “Demonstrator” really mean?

When you join Stampin’ Up!, you become a “demonstrator.” That is the term Stampin’ Up! uses for everyone that joins, no matter their reason for joining. Anyone can join by purchasing the “starter kit,” and when you do, you are called a DEMONSTRATOR.

Other Direct Sales Companies use terms like a consultant, sales representative, influencer, designer, retailer, maker, and more…

Being a DEMONSTRATOR does not mean that you have to DEMONSTRATE! It simply means you have access to all of the benefits of being a demonstrator. You are on the “inside!” Demonstrators have access to things like:

  • 20-25% discount on all your purchases
  • Early access to new products
  • Special Perks for being a part of the Klompen Stampers (keep reading!)

So, why join?

If card making is your hobby, you absolutely should join the Klompen Stampers! We love hobby stampers and provide so many fun resources for you.

First, why pay full price when you can get a discount? The STARTER KIT is always a fantastic deal. If you plan on placing an order that is $99 or more, you can get a much better deal by purchasing the starter kit, and then enjoy all the benefits. Seriously – why pay full price?

And then what happens????

When you purchase the STARTER KIT, you become a demonstrator. And you will enjoy so many benefits from both Stampin’ Up! and the Klompen Stampers.

What comes in the starter kit? Glad you asked! WHATEVER YOU WANT! It’s a shopping spree where you pick out the products YOU WANT (what you would buy anyways) and get a great discount on them!

starter kit of card making supplies when you join stampin up

Stampin’ Up! Benefits

  • 20-25% discount on all purchases
  • Early access to new products
  • Chances to earn FREE products
  • Demonstrator Only Events
  • Demonstrator Only Facebook Community (filled with creative sharing)
  • and more….

Klompen Stampers Benefits

  • Demonstrator only virtual stamping events via zoom
  • Private Facebook Group filled with sharing, challenges, ideas, and fun new friends
  • FREE Fun Fold Card Tutorials (all available)
  • Most tutorials that are for sale on my website for FREE
  • Opportunity to earn the Creativate Retreat for FREE, or pay a discounted rate
  • and more….
join the klompen stampers as a stampin up demonstrator and get a discount on all your stampin up products

Klompen Stampers is the #1 Team in the Company!

If joining Stampin’ Up! is something you want to do, who you sign up under matters! As a team leader, I work hard to provide a ton of resources, ideas, and training for both my HOBBY DEMONSTRATORS and those desiring to have a Stampin’ Up! Business. I am always here to help you with all your questions – everything from how to place an order and get the discount, to how to do a card making class and share your love of card making with others.

Not all teams are the same! I highly encourage anyone wanting to join Stampin’ Up! to make sure they know what their team leader will offer them, as well as what resources and support are available. Yes – interview them! Ask the questions! So often I hear from people who are disappointed that they joined Stampin’ Up! because they never had any contact or anything from their team leader. Make sure you know what to expect from whom you sign up under.

The Klompen Stampers team is consistently recognized by Stampin’ Up! as a top team, with a top leader. Recently we were named #1 in both Team Building and Team Leadership. We’d love to have you join us on this fun card making journey!

What Does Klompen Stampers Mean?

I am often asked this question….. Let me explain… When I was a new Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, back in 1995, and started to build my Stampin’ Up! team you could select a name for your team and register it with Stampin’ Up! At the time, I had no idea what to name my team. So I asked them. We had a little contest to see who could come up with the best suggestion. KLOMPEN STAMPERS was one of the suggestions that came in. But why?

become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator by joining the Klompen Stampers community

At the time, I lived in Holland, Michigan and most of my team also lived in Holland. It was May and time for the annual Tulip Time Festival. Holland is a very Dutch community and during the Tulip Time Festival there are KLOMPEN DANCERS everywhere. Thus…. the play on words created our team name – KLOMPEN STAMPERS! And here we are…. 27+ years later.

If you’d like to learn more about the Tulip Time Festival, just google it. You will find plenty of fun videos of the Klompen Dancers!

OK….back to being a part of the Klompen Stampers Demonstrator Team….

What’s the catch if I join?

NOTHING! We love hobby stampers on the Klompen Stampers team and encourage anyone who is a card maker to join us. Why not? What do you have to loose? NOTHING!

There is never any pressure to “demonstrate” or do classes, events or parties. YES, you can simply join to get your own purchases at a discount! IT IS 100% OK! We are here to help you, support you, and encourage you – no matter why you join.

Is there a minimum I have to purchase?

I guess you could call this a catch, but I really don’t look at it this way. YES, you need to meet a minimum quarterly minimum of just $300 in purchases/sales to remain an active demonstrator. If you don’t meet it, that’s OK. They simply deactivate your demonstrator access and you go back to being a regular, full-paying customer. But in the meantime, you enjoyed the benefits… things like:

  • Great deal on the starter kit (you pick the products you want)
  • Discount on any orders you place
  • Fun, Inspiration, and the Klompen Stampers Community

When you first join, depending on the month of the year, you will have up to 6 months to meet this minimum the first time, then every quarter. So, during that initial time, you can check it out, take advantage of all the benefits, enjoy the tutorials and the community…. and then, if you don’t meet the minimum – that’s OK. We just welcome you back to being a VIP Customer.

Here are just a few comments from HOBBY STAMPERS who joined the Klompen Stampers.

I was introduced to SU years ago and loved the products. After retiring, I had more time for crafting, wanted to make cards but didn’t want pressure to sell or hold classes! The discount is great, too! Signing up as a hobby demonstrator was perfect for me! I enjoy the inspiration of other stampers and Jackie’s enthusiasm with her business!

Janet F.

I retired and wanted another hobby besides sewing. I joined because I really like the stamps, the colors and all of the ideas I can find on YouTube. The discount is great to, but most of all Jackie and her team are wonderful

Nancy L

I wanted the discount, ideas, and the inspiration from Jackie who keeps it simple. I like things that are plain and not “busy”. I have since found the community to be of comfort so I know that I can have a question answered quickly. 

Anita B

I just luckily happened upon a Jackie video and loved her style of card making. At some point I realized being a demonstrator was beneficial for the discounts. Card making really fulfills my desire to create and coordinate colors.

Jan C.

I joined for the discount, and I love being in the “know” getting the inside scoop and opportunities for pre orders!

Vanessa V

My reason for joining was to purchase for myself, the discount to increase my card creation options for my church card ministry. Plus, to gain card templates, ideas and learn techniques. Finding Klompen Stampers on YouTube became lifesaving of our ministry. I was about to give up, then decided to join. Worth every penny spent plus so much more. Thank you for championing making happy mail!

Beverly W

I joined to get the special deal for joining, to be able to purchase with a discount, to gain access to all the free tutorials. To feel part of a great group with an awesome leader who always makes you feel special!!!

Sue P

I LOVE the quality of Stampin Up products. The company really cares for everyone involved with Stampin UP. I love making Jackie’s cards and she is so talented and her videos are awesome. Jackie is always willing to help everyone with any question they may have.

Kathy W

I was interested in card making and my sister told me to go on Pinterest for ideas. I joined KlompenStampers after watching Jackie’s instructional videos. I joined Stampin’ Up for the great deal on the initial kit. I have found that the quality of the Stampin’ Up products is far above the craft stores. 

Jean K

Growing Up as a Stampin’ Up! Kid

Want to learn more about what it was like growing up as a “Stampin’ Up! kid?” Check out this video we recorded several years ago. These girls truly grew up being a part of what I did. At a very young age they helped me do parties, large trade shows, classes and more. Never underestimate the power of involving your kiddos in what you do!

Have More Questions? Or Want to Join the Fun?

If you have questions to help you decide if joining the Klompen Stampers is for you, we’d love the opportunity to chat. Send us an email and let’s connect and answer your questions. Still wondering if joining the Klompen Stampers is for you? Here are my TOP REASONS for becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

If you have decided that joining Stampin’ Up! and the Klompen Stampers is for you, we’d love to welcome you to our fun community of crafters and card makers. CLICK HERE to order your starter kit today.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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