I am so excited for this new product line that will be available on April 1st…..  Storage by Stampin’ Up!  If you are an “organization freak” like I am, you can completely relate to how I feel.



Storage by Stampin’ Up!

What I love the most about this storage system is that it consists of all different components.  You design YOUR storage for the way it works for YOU and YOUR products & space.  All the pieces can be stacked vertically and can be arranged to fit practically any work space.

Start small, and grow as your supplies grow!  Get what you need now, then you can always add to it later!  As you purchase more Stampin’ Up! ink pads or Blends, add more components to your storage!




You can build YOUR storage unit however you want!!!  Below you can see all the different components that will be available.  Click the picture below to download and print if you want to start planning YOUR storage unit!



Configuration Chart

Or, better yet, click below to download the configuration chart to see various options for designing your storage unit.



Storage by Stampin’ Up! Video

Here is a short little video showing you the storage system.


Ordering Begins Monday

This new product launches on Monday.  I wanted to share today so you can design your unit and be ready to order if you are as excited as I am.  Below I am sharing this months REWARDS CODE (starts Monday) so you are all ready to go!



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