Over the next few weeks I am going to share several posts that are all part of my STAMPIN’ UP! CATALOG TOUR.  Specifically today I am sharing Part 1: Types of Stamps.

With the release of the new 2018-2019 Stampin’ Up! Catalog, I thought I would just take some time to walk you through the catalog and point out some important pages, pieces of information, and a chance for you to get to know not only the catalog better, but also our Stampin’ Up! products.  I am going to begin on page 3 as this is a question I am often asked and I know it can be very confusing.

Stampin' Up! Stamp Types

Before we talk about these different types of stamps, I have a couple of pictures from the catalog of projects made with the Varied Vases Bundle on page 45.  This is my featured bundle this week and I have been sharing samples I made with it, but I did not want this post to be too boring, so I thought I’d share these cute cards with you.

Varied Vases stamp set Photopolymer Stamp

How To Make Above Card

Here is a short video from Stampin’ Up! showing how to make the above card.  Its “quick & easy,” which is my style and I absolutely love the color combination.



Quick cards using Varied Vases photopolymer stamps by Stampin' Up!

Stampin’ Up! Catalog Tour Part 1: Types of Stamps

Stampin’ Up! basically carries 2 different types of stamps: Classic RED Rubber and Photopolymer.  But then the confusing part is that the RED RUBBER stamps come in both WOOD-MOUNT and CLEAR-MOUNT.


The Wood-mount come in a case that includes wood blocks for each of the stamps.  There is a little bit of assembly that you have to do but it’s easy. Simply peal off the adhesive backing and stick to the wood block.  There are also stickers included of the images for the tops of the blocks.  These are then permanently mounted to the blocks.

Wood Mount stamps by Stampin' Up!    Wood Mount stamps by Stampin' UP!


The Clear-Mount are the exact same RED RUBBER, but instead of adhering to wood blocks, you simply attach to the reusable clear blocks when you use them.  Here is the confusing part–CLEAR-MOUNT does not mean you can see through the stamps.  You can see through the blocks.  If you like this option, you will want to purchase a set of the clear blocks and then you are ready for any size stamp.

The advantage of this option is that the stamp cases are half the width so they are more compact for storage. These stamps also come with “stickers” for on the stamps, but personally, I never put them on.  I feel the stamps stick better to the clear blocks without, but it is truly a personal preference.

Clear Mount red rubber stamps by Stampin' Up!     Clear Mount Stamp with Clear block by Stampin' Up!     Stampin' Up! Clear mount stamps come with a labels

As you look through the catalog, you will notice that each stamp set will be available in either WOOD & CLEAR MOUNT or PHOTOPOLYMER.  In the case below, this stamp set is available in WOOD & CLEAR MOUNT.  The Clear-Mount does not come with the blocks, but it gives you the suggested size blocks you will need.  These are the sizes for the “best fit” for each of the stamps in the set.

Wood Mount stamps, clear stamps, or photopolymer stamps

You can purchase the clear blocks individually or in a set.  You will find all the block information on page 206 of the catalog.

Stampin' Up Clear blocks sold individually or as a set


These are transparent stamps that you can see through.  Many people think of these when they think of “clear stamps.”  To use these you also must mount onto the clear blocks.  These stamps are easy to line up for multi-step stamping, repeating patterns, or placing exactly where you want.  Here is an example that shows a stamp set available in Photopolymer.

photopolymer stamps

Stampin Up Photopolymer Stamps quick tips

Photopolymer stamps may stain a bit, especially when using “red” pads.  Not a big deal, just shows that they are well love!

A while ago I did a video series on STAMPING BASICS, and one of the videos was all about the different types of stamps.  Sharing again here because it will show you all the different types of stamps and give you some tips for using each of them.


I know this post is probably a bit boring, but hopefully it will make it easier to understand the new catalog as you look through it and also the various kinds of stamps available.  If you have any questions at all, please ask.  You can simply leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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