Last week, right before I left for Utah for a week my PAPER PUMPKIN arrived.
I did not have much time to play with it….except to create the BONUS PROJECT
that my subscribers get from me.
Here’s a short video from Stampin’ Up! showing how fun & easy these projects are.
I have teamed up with several others awesome demonstrators….each month we each create a special BONUS PROJECT to share with each other, to then share with JUST OUR SUBSCRIBERS.
I have to tell you…..these bonus projects are awesome….the only problem is,
my subscribers have to wait a few weeks from the time they get their kit, until
they get these ideas….but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.
Most of them create the projects “as per instructions” then purchase a refill kit for just $7.95 so they can do all the awesome bonus projects!!!
Anyways….I just wanted to give you a sampling of what these projects look like.
Here is a BONUS BONUS project–that means I am sharing with with
SUBSCRIBERS, don’t worry–your 8-10 bonus projects are still coming!!!
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